Bespoke Solution

Digital Solutions

Responsive Website

Web Design & Web App Development

Present your business on a responsiveness, dynamic and scalable website. Showcase your products and services with our E-commerce integration, and a CMS tailored specifically to your needs.

Your website and web design can and should be a very powerful tool. Whether you need a virtual home for your brick and mortar, you're hosting an event or festival, selling real estate, or hosting an E-Commerce site, you need a beautiful and smooth functioning website that elicits engagement leading to conversions.

We also offer you robust web app solutions.

Software Solution

Provides complete software development and off the shelf services as well as maintenance after implementation. Our services encompass project management, software design, software development, quality assurance, documentation and technical supports.

We employ a combination of emerging technologies, and traditional technologies with application-specific toolkits to provide our clients with appropriate solutions to address their software requirements.

Data Solution

Giving a customer efficient and flexible access to large amount of data is complicated challenge. Omegaplatform has he knowledge and experience required to design and implement powerful database solutions.

We have QL server database, we know how to maximize system performance, and we understand the critical issues of database maintainability and internal consistency.

Your Success is Ours!

Your digital space


We’re personally invested in each and every one of our clients. We take the time to understand your business as if it were our own. With us, you are more than just a client. We work alongside you to make your business a success.

We'll take the time to plan and properly design a site based on your individual needs.

Responsive Web Design | Mobile Compatibility |E-Commerce

We work in partnership with clients to overcome business challenges through the application of technology. Our works are often based on the need to improve efficiency and the way a company functions, with information technology as a mean to achieve this. 
We focus on delivering quality outcomes that empower individual with an eye firmly on their key objective. Our aim is to establish a proactive working relationship with our client, with motivating and enjoyable approach. We strive to deliver the best.

About Us

Our work is organized by projects, and our team of project managers, graphic and web designers, writers, web and app developers. We apply our individual knowledge and expertise to help businesses enact digital technological changes to become more competitive online and visible. Our personable team draws its dedication and inspiration from that core principle of openness. With us, you're more than just a client. We pride ourselves on our desire and ability to build lasting relationships with our clients.